The Blake Touch
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Virtual Trusted Advisor for owner/operators of new and small business.

Cheryl D Blake - Trusted AdvisorOur business specializes in providing virtual trusted advisory services tailored for owner/operators of new and small businesses. Our mission is to streamline our clients’ financial administration, freeing them from time-consuming and tedious tasks. We aim to empower new business owners by establishing foundational systems, setting up cloud accounting software, and developing efficient financial procedures.

Sharing our extensive expertise, knowledge, and experience will greatly benefit aspiring entrepreneurs and help them navigate the complexities of running a successful business.

1. Financial Administration Optimization:
– Streamline day-to-day financial tasks.
– Establish robust foundational systems.
– Set up efficient cloud accounting software.

Cheryl D Blake2. Training and Support:
– Provide comprehensive training for owners and staff.
– Offer troubleshooting and clean-up services for bookkeeping/accounting.
– Simplify tax preparation and collaboration with accountants.

3. Customized Solutions
– Develop tailored financial systems aligned with business goals.
– Act as a reliable partner throughout the financial journey.
– Deliver practical mentorship and advisory support for sustained success.

Key Services:

Streamlining Financial Administration:
We take care of the intricacies of financial admin, allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities. This includes managing day-to-day financial tasks and processes.

Foundational Systems for New Business Owners:
We assist in establishing robust foundational systems, ensuring that new business owners have a solid financial infrastructure in place from the start.

Cloud Accounting Software Setup:
Our expertise includes setting up and optimizing cloud accounting software, providing our clients with efficient and accessible financial management solutions.

Development of Financial Systems and Procedures:
We work collaboratively with our clients to develop customized financial systems and procedures that align with their business goals and industry standards.

Training for Owners and Staff:
We offer training sessions to owners and staff, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills to manage financial aspects effectively.

Clean-up Bookkeeping/Accounting and Troubleshooting:
Our services include cleaning up bookkeeping and accounting records, addressing any discrepancies, and troubleshooting financial issues for a streamlined financial process.

Tax Preparation for Accountant Submission:
We handle tax preparation, ensuring that all necessary documents are organized and prepared for submission to the accountant. This simplifies the tax process for our clients.

Collaboration with Accountants:
We understand the challenges of collaborating with accountants. We facilitate the sharing of documents, easing the burden on business owners who find this process confusing and frustrating.

Our goal is to serve as a reliable partner in the financial journey of our clients, providing mentorship, advisory support, and practical solutions to help them achieve sustained success.